Car Trunk and Glove Box Locks Services in Los Angeles

Have you shut the trunk of your car with your keys inside? Don’t worry. It can happen to anyone. No need to panic, at least you know where your keys are. A smart choice is to call the trusted locksmith professionals at American Lock & Key and let us take care of the situation.

Our locksmiths have built a reputation in Los Angeles for providing unparalleled quality service at an affordable rate. Call now at (818) 705-3664.

American Lock & Key Is the Superior Choice for Glove Box and Trunk Lock Repair

Our locksmiths are required to attend in-depth training sessions and workshops to keep up with the latest knowledge in automotive security and technology. Our team of experts has extensive experience in locksmithing for vehicles, and there is no situation they can’t resolve.

We know you are a busy person with no time to waste, so we do our best to attend to your needs at your earliest convenience. After receiving your call, we guarantee to send a professional to your location promptly. Our locksmiths can re-key, service, and replace your glove box or trunk lock system quickly and efficiently.

Car Trunk Lock Service

Are you unable to retrieve your personal belongings from the trunk of your car due to a lock issue? Is your lock stuck? Are you having difficulty unlatching when you pull the handle or turn the key? The trunk of your car has a separate locking system and mechanism than the other locks and therefore must be dealt with differently. A common mistake people make is to attempt to fix a stuck trunk lock themselves, without caution and at the risk of further damaging the car.

Leave it to us to solve your car trunk lock problem. Our highly competent technicians are fully trained and equipped to extract and replace the lock assembly on your trunk. Our professionals have the required knowledge and tools to do so quickly and efficiently so that you can regain access to your valuables in no time. We can provide you with a trunk lock replacement or repair service at an affordable rate.

Glove Box Lock Service

A broken glove compartment lock can cause a lot of hassle in your day-to-day driving. Whether the glove box won’t open or the glove box won’t close, our professionals are here to help. Our automotive locksmiths can provide you with a glove box lock replacement or repair, depending on your needs.

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Our goal is to fix your glove box lock in a timely manner so that you can securely carry all your personal belongings in your car. Whether you have a glove box lock cylinder that is not working, or you want to install one, our professionals are trained and equipped to handle, replace, and repair all types of locks with the highest standards of safety precautions.

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