Automotive Locksmith Services in Santa Clarita

Have you been locked out of a car? Are you in need of a spare key? The auto service technicians at American Lock & Key are diligently at work to maintain their training. We stay up to date on current technologies and methods to ensure that we are consistently providing the most professional service at all times. Call us now at (818) 705-3664!

Automive Solutions by American Lock & Key

We have a solution to all your car problems. Whether you are experiencing trouble with your ignition, need your car key replaced or repaired, we are the ones to call. Avoid causing damage to your locks or ignition. Our emergency locksmiths are here to eliminate your problems, and with our help, you will have access to your vehicle in no time at all!

Car Key Extraction and Replacent Services

It is very common for car keys to break. The most common cause is regular wear and tear that occurs over time. When dealing with a car key that is stuck in the ignition, it is important to leave it to the professionals. You may further damage the ignition, which will be a much more costly fix. When car keys break inside of a lock cylinder, our locksmith will use a specialized tool to extract it, avoiding damage to the ignition.

The technology behind car keys has advanced drastically over the years. Newer models rarely have your standard type of key. Most ignition keys have transponders that open your doors electronically. While dealerships and online stores do offer car key replacement services, the quickest and most affordable option is to call our certified auto locksmith. Our emergency locksmiths will come to you and make a second key for you on the spot.

Automotive Ignition Repair Services

The ignition lock cylinder is the mechanism where you insert your key to start your vehicle. Ignition switches are mostly made of metal which can wear down over time. Heavy use of your key can strip the tumblers. Avoid taking your vehicle to a dealership for ignition repair. Our locksmiths can repair your ignition, restoring your lock to working condition.

Car Remote Programming and Key Duplication

Remote key programming is a complex process that involves the expertise of a professional. Our locksmith will need to know the make, model, and year of your vehicle along with the vehicle identification number. With this information, our auto locksmith will be able to program your key quickly. Whether you have lost your keys or have recently purchased a new car and would like to make a duplicate, we are here to help.

Trust the professionals at American Lock & Key for your key duplication and programming needs.

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Our automotive locksmiths are available whenever you need them in Santa Clarita. Our locksmiths are skilled at what they do and take pride in their work. Having a trustworthy company you can count on is of the utmost importance when you find yourself in a stressful situation. Call us now (818) 705-3664!