Electronic Access Control Services in Tarzana

Electronic access control offers a solution to integrate locks and systems to help you control who has access to your offices, facilities, and operations.

Beyond basic security, these systems deliver valuable business intelligence, which allows you to know who enters and who leaves your facility and exactly at what time. American Lock & Key offers access control systems for projects of any size. Whether you need a standalone system or several networks throughout the entire building, we are prepared for the job.

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Increase Your Security With the Help of American Lock & Key

American Lock & Key offers electronic access control systems in Tarzana that integrate seamlessly with one easy-to-use software platform. We’ve partnered with top manufacturers in order to offer you and your company the most effective and convenient electronic access control solutions.

Monitoring your door access control is an effective choice to ensure the safety of your employees and your inventory. Our various electronic access control systems address all of these particular concerns and more. Get in touch with us today for more information on our wide range of top-of-the-line electronic access control solutions.

How Does an Electronic Access Control System Work?

Electronic access control systems typically consist of access cards or fobs as a way of identifying and authenticating those who enter a perimeter. Each device includes the processor, reader, and controller in a single unit. As an added bonus, many of our electronic access systems feature smart cards which can easily be disabled from a central controller if lost or stolen.

There are two main key systems to electronic access control systems:

Plastic Access Cards

These security cards can be used for a range of access, security, and identification purposes. They are programmed to allow staff and visitors specific access to designated areas of your facility. Card reading systems program and assign each individual card with the information pertaining to the employee of your choice.

Fob Access System

Key fobs are pocket-sized devices with a built-in, one-factor authorization. When the key is within close proximity to the reader, the system unlocks the door which allows the holder to gain access. Each fob has an identification number which can be programmed to limit or block entry at any given time.

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Building Automation is the Future

If you are looking for professionals in Tarzana to install electronic access control systems, we can help. Not every access control system is right for your facility. It is important to assess your security needs, and we’re here to guide you through every important decision you make along the way.

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